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6th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 281) Jeh teams up with Arnab Dobriyal to finish the Vampires

Episode 281 starts with Arnab Dobriyal telling the Inspector that a Vampire is responsible for T's death. Kabir, Angad, Misha and Pia are also at the Police Station.
Arnab: I know that it sounds strange and in today's times no one believes in these matters but in our city these Vampires are present. Vampires have lived in these forests for thousands of years. And they mix up with the humans in such a manner that it is difficult to identify them. They are target less. In our city people are vanishing... In unusual circumstances people were murdered...Why? Take the case of Neil Khurana... The circumstances his murder happened and his body vanished...Doesn't that ring the bell? Inspector, I saw Neil Khurana's body...there are Vampire bites on his neck...I saw it! His body was also like this girl's body as if all the blood is drained out. But before we could investigate his body vanished. (Arnab takes the report and points at the first page) Look at this report. No animal will leave its prey like this... or drain every drop of blood in the body like this. This is not an animal... this is a Vampire...definitely.
Kabir: But Uncle... How can it happen? And if it is true how do we identify these Vampires?
Arnab: Kabir, We have to find them... identify them and end them... We have to finish them otherwise this will keep happening.
Inspector: Mr Dobriyal... What sort of talk is that? You people are only wasting your time. This is real life Mr Dobrial not some fairy tale. Ghosts, Vampires etc only look good in films. This is a murder. What sort of murder that we have to find out. You people don't waste your time. You people please go from here. (Arnab opens his mouth to say something but the Inspector interrupts) Mr Dobriyal... you are a respected personality in this city... so do not make a mockery of yourself. Please leave!
Angad: Thank you Sir! (Kabir, Angad, Misha and Pia leaves from there)
Arnab: I am going now Inspector... but remember one thing... Now nobody is safe in this city. They are hunting us... all of us! One by one.... (Arnab leaves the room)

Hasina and Abhay are sitting on the Sofa in the Hall and watching the news. The news reporter talks about finding the body of a girl in the Jungle whose identity is not known.
Hasina: This news is spreading... Now what will happen? (Abhay switches off the TV)
Abhay: This matter will not suppress now. They will find you. How did you do this? Why did you do it?
Hasina: I couldn't control myself Abhay... It feels as if someone is forcing me to do it... (Hasina gets up and goes from there. Chand comes there)
Chand: Hasina is telling the truth Abhay...Someone is forcing her... But who? We have to find that. And more than that the most important thing is that we have to protect her. She has become a danger... not only for herself but for herself too!
Abhay: Yes Dad! What Mom did... we all have to pay a price for it... Mom... Why did you do this?
Chand: We cannot leave Hasina alone for even a minute... The moment she gets an opportunity she will go off to drink someone elses blood. We can't afford to let that happen. We have to control her.

Kabir is driving the Car with Misha seated beside him. Angad and Pia is sitting on the back. Angad is lost in thoughts.
Misha: I don't believe T is dead...But Kabir... What were you doing there at this time of the night? In the cemetery? 
Kabir: Told you earlier Misha... We were going to that Guy's place for the assignment. What was his name? Angad... what is his name? Angad... Angad... (Angad wakes up from his thoughts)
Angad: Yeah?
Kabir: What was his name?
Angad: Whose?
Kabir: The Guy... whose house we were going for the assignment...
Angad: Misha... home... actually our assignment was not complete so we went...
Kabir: And Misha ...This all you should ask Abhay and not me... He was present there before us... In fact he had T's body in his hands. We just caught him!
Misha: But... What was Abhay doing there/ That's the Question...
Angad: And Misha you know... When we told Abhay that we should inform the Police... he ran away from there giving an excuse...
Pia: And you people assumed that Abhay did that murder? Just stupid...
Misha: Guys... Where was Abhay exactly?
Kabir: I don't know... Actually the fault is mine... I should have stopped Abhay from going... And Misha believe me... This all happened so fast that we did not recognize that it is T's body.
Misha: I just don't believe it Guys... T was murdered...The body was beyond recognition. And If Abhay's hands is in this... I swear I will not leave him...I will use Papa's every contact to get him to Jail... because the Guy who has done this deserves it (Angad nods yes) Abhay was anyway a shady character. Piya types a message for Abhay to meet her.

Arnab is in the Jungle. He looks around and runs towards 5 people wearing red colored hooded gowns.
Arnab: I am sorry... I am late... Some urgent work came up...
Voice: What happened Mr Dobriyal?
Arnab: One more death in the city... And this time the victim is my daughter's classmate. Her murder also happened the same way... There is not even a drop of blood in her body...and I know who did this...
Voice: You know who did the murder?
Arnab: You people also know who hunts like this... Vampires...
Voice: We heard that once again in the Vampires have made this city their home...And I would like you to meet that person who cautioned us about it. (One of the hooded figures raises his hand and someone walks from the shadow towards the group. Arnab looks on eagerly. As the person comes near, Arnab is surprised to find that it is Jeh Khurana)
Arnab: You
Jeh: Yeah Uncle... Me! There are some Questions the answers of which are very important for us to find. Uncle the way my Brother died... and the way people are dying in the city one after the other... there is someone who is doing it. And it is very important to find who is doing all this. And if we do not stop it now... where it would end we would not be able to even imagine.
Arnab: You are right Jeh... This people have to be stopped at any condition. And we will hunt them the way we hunt man eaters...
Jeh: Yes Uncle...
Arnab: No mercy... (Arnab turns to the red hooded figures) Let's do it! (Jeh looks happy)

Hasina is kept caged using some powers. Abhay comes to the room.
Hasina: Abhay, Let me go... Abhay please don't do this to me... (Hasina touches the wall of the cage but immediately withdraws as if stuck by electric current) Abhay please... let me go please...
Abhay: Enough Mom... just relax! Everything will be alright...
Hasina: Abhay please... get me some blood please... Please Abhay... (Abhay raises his voice)
Abhay: Relax Mom! (Hasina puts her hands on her head)
Hasina: Abhay, You don't understand... I can't control myself Abhay... I just... God... Abhay please... don't do this to me... (Hasina extends her hand through the space between the grills. Just let me go please... (Abhay extends his hand and  catches her finger. He then vanishes from there. Hasina shouts Abhay's name and transforms to her Vampire form. She then comes back to her human form) Abhay please... don't cage me here... Abhay just leave me out... Abhay... Abhay... I promise... I will not do anything... Just let me out ....please Abhay.... (The door of the room closes) Abhay let me go... Abhay... just let me go... (Abhay is standing outside the room. Hasina is pleading, 'Please let me go! Abhay, I am your Mother... Abhay just let me go please... I will not do anything Abhay...Don't do this to your mother please... ' Abhay extends his hand to the door handle. But Chand stops him. Hasina is pleading from inside the room)
Chand: No Abhay! Now Hasina is not in her senses... (Abhay's mobile rings and he looks at the Caller identity and tells Chand that he has to take the Call. He moves a little further and picks up Pia's call. Pia demands to know where he is and why he has not been answering her messages or picking up her calls. Abhay tells her that he cannot talk to her as he is busy. Pia tells him that it is important that he meets her immediately and Abhay agrees. He then cuts the call and walks towards Chand)
Abhay: Dad, I need to go! (Hasina is still pleading from the room) It is important (Abhay looks towards the room hearing Hasina's pleadings) Dad... I can't see Mom in this condition.
Chand: I know! But this time we cannot do anything. We have to find a solution for this. But until then we have to keep her under control.
Abhay: We have to help Mom... We have to get her back to normal.
Chand: We have to... (Abhay goes from there)

Jeh is talking to some female whose silhouette is seen from a distance.
Jeh: Raichands... I have set such a trap for them that it would be impossible for them to escape. Now their end is very near... very close! (Jeh smiles) The pretense of living among humans as a human will now end. And the best thing...and all this is because of a monster in their own family...presented in front of humans... (The shadowed figure walks towards Jeh) What can be better than this? Nothing! That's it... Everything is finished!  Raichands will finish soon. (The shadowed figure comes near Jeh. It is Dipanita Khurana)
Dipanita: I knew Jeh... You only are my true blood. I knew that you would take my revenge on them definitely. So proud of you...
Jeh: So just see Mom... How I will end our enemies. The Raichands will be over... I will finish them completely. You don't need to hide more Mom... Very fast I will bring you back to this city respectfully. This is my promise! (Dipanita pats gently on Jeh's cheek. Jey holds her hand and kisses it. Dipanita then turns and walks from there. Jeh is unhappy seeing her go. Dipanita vanishes into the dark).

Piya is impatiently waiting in the Jungle for Abhay. She senses his presence and sees Abhay walking towards her. Abhay comes near her.
Pia: Abhay, What is all this happening? And you... Why did you go from there? What were you doing near the dead body? Abhay... you know by doing that... how many fingers have pointed to you... Do you know what you have done Abhay?
Abhay: Pia,  I had gone near that dead body because I could smell blood. But when I reached there it was too late. She was dead. And from then till now I have been trying to face the truth.
Pia: But Abhay... Who did this? (Abhay does not answer) Do you know who did it? (Abhay nods yes) Who Abhay?
Abhay: I am sorry Pia. Don't ask me... I cannot tell you...
Pia: Alright Abhay... If you do not wish to tell then I will not ask you. I trust you! But I keep the hope of justice Abhay... (Abhay goes near Pia and puts his hands on her shoulders)
Abhay: You love me this much? You have this much belief in me? You know Pia... Whenever I look into your eyes... only one voice comes from my mind...go away... go away from me forever...But when I see your love, your trust and your eyes...then I feel like drowning in your eyes. (They look at each other and then hug. Pia lifts her head and looks at Abhay)
Pia: Abhay, You will never be alone... I will always be with you... and near you... Always Abhay! (They hug again)
Abhay: I love you Pia... I love you! (Episode ends)

PreCap: Misha attends a call and then cuts it. Kabir and Pia calls her. Pia asks her who called from T's phone. Misha tells that it was T who spoke to her and that she can't fail to recognize T's voice.

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