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8th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 261) Pia goes for Past Life Regression Therapy to find about her Life

Episode 261 starts with Abhay Raichand entering his house. He is angry. Hasina is sitting in the Hall and Chand climbs the stairs down and comes to the hall.
Chand: What happened Abhay?
Abhay: You tell me Dad what happened...
Hasina: What are you talking about Abhay?
Abhay: Mom, Neil Khurana is dead! How did you do all this? (Chand goes and sits next to Haseena) What is wrong with you all?
Chand: Calm down Abhay!
Abhay: No dad! We are not those Vampires who drink human blood. We survive on animal blood. When have we started killing humans? How can you forget that Neil Khurana was a human. He was not a Werewolf. How could you?
Chand: Abhay...Neil was part of that family... a weak link of that family... And you know their family... They have the thirst for revenge.
Abhay: Revenge? On a human? Neil Khurana was Dipanita's adopted son. Neel was not a werewolf. There is going to be a very big reaction for what you people have done.
Hasina: Enough Abhay... You do not have to teach us rules...
Abhay: No Mom! I am not teaching you all anything. In fact, I have learned from you people that our world goes in a balance. We are Vampires at night but normal humans in the day. And till we have to stay in the human's world we have to follow their rules and laws. But you people have broken the rule of their world. And you people will get the punishment for this...because the blame of Neil Khurana's murder is going to come to you. You would not be able to escape. Why did you people kill Neil? How could you do this? (Chand gets up and comes near Abhay) You made me the clan leader of Vampires for this... so that you can ignore my orders?
Chand: No body has ignored your Orders Abhay... You said to leave Dipanita. So we let her slip away... But Neil... You did not tell anything about Neil.
Abhay: You people have done wrong. You people have forgotten everything in your desire for revenge...
Chand: yeah... You should have thought of it earlier Abhay. We had got one opportunity to kill our age old enemy... but we lost it... all because of one human being...called Pia... Why? You remember? You only told that we are the dead humans who roam around in the night... and them the wolves who hunt us. You saved their leader and gave refuge... So we have to prove something. We have to prove that we are not weak...
Abhay: But why Neil? I have already killed Dipanita's one son. He was a werewolf. But Neil was an innocent human... and you people killed him?
Chand: Good! Now they have only one son and we will kill him fast too. (Hasina smiles)
Abhay: Dad, You are not understanding...
Chand: Oh stop it Abhay! What do you think? Our whole family will ignore all what you say?  Don't try to make us understand. You feel that nobody will notice that their leader, almighty powerful leader is trying to save their age old enemy (Abhay turns his face) What did you think? Did you think that they will think that they should not take revenge on their age old enemy? (Chand laughs) We are dead. We are out of this recycle called life (Chand turns and walks away from there. He climbs the stairs up. Hasina also gets up and follows him)
Abhay: If this is what you people have to say ( Chand and Hasina stops), I do not want to become the Clan Head of Vampires.
Chand: Alright! Quit... We also do not see our leader in you. (Hasina smiles sarcastically) You are weak Abhay... You have cheated on your clan. Yes! You are weak! (Chand and Hasina climbs the stairs up as Abhay looks on)

At the Khurana House Jeh is sitting on the Floor leaning to a pillar. The Hall is a mess with thing lying down here and there. Alina walks into the house.
Alina: Brother...What is this happened? How did this all happen?
Jeh: Why? You shocked?
Alina: But... Waht are you saying Brother... Neil was my Brother also... and I also loved him... And his death... I till now cannot make me understand...
Jeh: Then make yourself understand Alina because you are responsible for Neil's death. he died because of you. (Alina goes near Jeh and kneels in front of him keeping her hands on his knee) It's not like that Brother. It's not like that... How can you say that brother?
Jeh: Everything is your fault.
Alina: No...
Jeh: Everything is your fault. If you would not have gone and told Panchi where Pia is... then today Neil would have been with us... Our Mom would have been here... and Pia would have been at her house... Everything would have been alright... (Alina sobs) You knew Alina that we did not wish to hurt Pia... still you told everything to everyone... It's all your fault...
Alina:'s not like that...
Jeh: It is all your fault Alina
Alina: Brother... the dead body...
Jeh: Did not get...
Alina: What?
Jeh: Did not get his body...He is gone...  (Jeh gets emotional) and I could not even see him one last time...I didn't see him last time... (Jeh gets up and goes from there. He climbs the stairs up.
Alina: Brother... Mom... Where is Mom... (Jeh stops)
Jeh: There is no need for you to know where Mom is... (Jeh turns and looks at Alina) Wherever she is... she is safe... (Alina gets up) You cheated on us once...and after this I cannot trust you. And anyways, hereafter we two will stay in this city as Jeh Khurana and Alina Khurana...and no one other than us...a wealthy family... We will mingle with people and will do all the things everyone does. We socialize... we meet people and we will wait... We will wait Alina... (Jeh climbs the stairs up)

Pia is driving the Car. She thinks, ' I will know about my past today. Today I will get the answers of all my questions. Will I finally know about my life and Abhay? Can we be together?'

Pia presses the door bell at Dr Khatri's House. Pia says in mind, 'Get ready Pia. Maybe after knowing the truth today your life would change forever. A lady opens the door.
Pia: Dr Khatri?
Dr Khatri : Pia... Come... Come inside...
Pia: Thank you so much (Pia gets into the House and the lady closes the door behind them)
Dr Khatri: Come Pia... Sit! (They both sit on a sofa)
Pia: Thank you! Doctor... Your house is very nice...
Dr Khatri: Thank you so much
Pia: Actually i did not think that your house would be so good.
Dr Khatri: Let me guess... You would have thought that there would be some doctor... lamps... smoke... crystal balls... right? (Pia nods) Don't worry... I did not call you here to show magic...Whatever we do here is a science... not fortune telling...
Pia: Doctor, I want to know the facts only...I do not wish to see magic.
Dr Khatri: Pia , You told me about some memory loss...
Pia: Doctor, actually I have come here not to know about my past life but about this life's lost memories. I want to know what happened then. And how was it and I was with whom...
Dr Khatri: How did you lose your memory?
Pia: Last year in an accident. Whatever happened has changed my life. And I want to know what happened and what was before...
Dr Khatri: Sure... Come!

Dr Khatri and Pia comes to the treatment room. Dr Khatri asks Pia to lie down. Pia lies down and Dr Khatri hypnotizes her. First Dr Khatri takes Pia to the time when she was 8 years old. Dr Khatri notes everything Pia says in a note pad. Pia recalls her Mom lying sick at the Hospital and she crying for her. Next Dr Khatri takes her to the time when she is 16 where Pia sees Abhay's first entry to Mount College and all girls including her looking on.

Arnab and Madhu comes to their room. Arnab removes his coat and tells Madhu that he is feeling unwell and tired. Madhu asks him to take rest. Arnab lies down on the bed and tells Madhu to wake him up after one hour. Arnab sleeps. He sees a dream in which he recalls the 2 marks on Neil's neck which he found while examining Neil. Arnab wakes up. He thinks, 'What was that in my dream? That mark... I recognize it... It felt like... No! It cannot happen. I have to know what is that mark. I have to find out... now!'

Pia is still in hypnotized state at Dr Khatri's Clinic.
Dr Khatri: So Pia... now we have reached up to your accident... Now what can you see?
Pia: Jungle... I am in some jungle...
Dr Khatri: Who is with you at the jungle?
Pia: Some one is there...
Dr Khatri: Who is it Pia?
Pia: Maybe it's me... (Pia gets flashes of Maithili trying to hurt Pia and Abhay running towards them saying, 'Mythili leave her'.) No...that is my doppelganger... Maithili... Mythili... (Pia gets flashes of Mythili confronting her) Mythili...
Dr Khatri: Who is this Mythili? Mythili... Mythili... Mythili is angry... (Pia gets flashes of Maithili trying to attack her)
Pia: Mythili... no Mythili... Mythili leave Abhay... (Pia twists and turns her head as if she is suffering) Mythili, Mythili... leave Abhay...Mythili leave! Mythili...(Dr Khatri suddenly bring Pia back from the hypnotized state seeing her suffering) Episode ends

PreCap : Arnab Dobriyal tells Jeh that he saw Vampire bites on Neil's neck.

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